I began building as a child with my Dad, Jim Boven. (He also began building as a child with his Father, Peter Boven). I became a licensed builder in 1984, and started my own building business (Mark Boven Builder) in 1987. I have built many homes around the Paw Paw, Mattawan, Lawton, & Portage area. I became a licensed Realtor® in 1989 and a licensed real estate broker in 1997, under the name of Builders Realty. My business motto is “Quality Construction You Can Trust” because of experience and knowledge of the trade, as well as values.

I combined and changed the name of both businesses to Vineyard Homes in 2001. I chose the name “Vineyard Homes” because I own and work a 35 acre grape vineyard, and my home and office are located in front of my farm in the heart of grape country, on County Road 358 in Lawton, Michigan. I also chose the name Vineyard because I am a Christian, and there are many references to vineyards and grapes in the bible. I strive to operate my business according to biblical principles. I’ve also been married since 1984, and have two children, and believe in family values.

“Quality Construction You Can Trust”
Vineyard Homes is an insured individual proprietorship, with D.B.A.’s filed in Van Buren and Kalamazoo County. My Michigan Builders License number is 2101069441, and Michigan Real Estate Broker’s License number is 6504242578. Vineyard Homes specializes in the construction and sale of new homes, custom home building, lot sales, and the acquisition and responsible development of real estate.  Let me know if I can be of assistance to you!